Catalina Salvá was born in Jávea in 1959 in a family of musicians and because his grandfather was bandleader and his father Salvador Salvá is known for being a composer of pasodobles, including “Xàbia” pasodoble. In his youth, at the time of high school, he learned music theory and trumpet and played in the Jávea band where his father was also the director.

After early studies of Nursing at the Nursing School “La Fe” of Valencia his artistic vocation led her to enroll at the Conservatory of Music in Valencia for professional studies where he majored in music pedagogy, working some years as teacher at private schools in the Marina Alta, unfortunately having to abandon his fledgling career for health reasons.

In 1999 he began to paint as an autodidact with watercolor technique, also starting at that time their field trips by European countries like Germany (where he lived for 11 years), France, Italy, Austria, England and Switzerland.

He has been a member of the artistic clubs “Pupille” of Hanau and the “Frankfurter Künstlerklub” of Frankfurt in Germany, and the “Club of Acuarelistes de Catalunya” in Barcelona.

He currently resides in Jávea where has started at the National University of Distance Education graduate studies in Art History.


Technique and intentions:

Catalina Salvá paints with dedication to watercolor , without wanting the possibilities of other artistic media , trying to represent the immersed human figure in life, in art or in a dream, in a classicist style outside the typical impressionism watercolor style on twentieth century , wanting to give this technique an evolution, to this difficult and special environment.

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