I was born in Jávea, in the Valencian Community of Spain, in December 1959; as a little girl, playing with my brother and my friends in the garden of my parents’ house and also in the big plot of land belonging to my grandfather, with all kinds of fruit trees and vegetables, nothing lead us to believe that subsequently, Art would be the subject which would occupy my main interest in life, in spite of the fact that at school, my drawings occasionally caused a sensation.

I didn’t study Fine Art after the school-leaving examination, because my father opposed this: he wanted me to be a nurse and I wanted to be an artist, however, after initially studying nursing, my father’s attitude toward me relaxed somewhat and I, little by little, stood my ground and finally studied Music at the Valencia Conservatoire; to my father, these studies didn’t seem too bad since he himself was a composer and a band leader and I had learned a lot as a child at home. At the Conservatoire I studied many subjects because I wanted to embrace it all and afterwards become an orchestra conductor: sol-fa, harmony, interaction and improvisation technique, composition, choral direction, piano, singing, jazz, musical pedagogy … but suddenly my health failed and I was obliged to abandon the career course that I had chosen with such hopeful anticipation.

Illness dogged me for many years but when I met the person who was to become my husband and my health improved, from 1999 owards, and with my husband’s help, I dedicated myself totally to the painting of watercolours. With my husband, I went to live in Germany since he is German and an artist also; he constructs models of ancient ships. From there, where I lived for eleven years, I travelled on many occasions to visit cities renowned for their museums of great interest: I can say that I have visited the most outstanding museums all over Europe and also others in smaller cities which have impressed me greatly together with programmatic or themed exhibitions regularly on display in Frankfurt, my residence, in relation to the History of Art or Contemporary Art.

Although I may now be far away from the galleries, I have had exhibitions in Spain and in Germany, recalling with affection that which was displayed in the Nebbienschen Gartenhaus in Frankfurt, in the year 2006, which was visited by 500 persons daily from the day it was inaugurated; now, once again here in Spain, I am studying the History of Art with great interest at the UNED (Open University) which is providing me with exceptional information and I also find these studies give me great joy.

With regard to my paintings, I chose watercolour as my sole means of expression trying to ensure that its limitations might not be an obstacle for me but rather an incentive and I wanted, with watercolours, to paint all kinds of subjects, albeit my favourite has always been the human form. I have tried to escape from the impressionist watercolour paintings of the XX century with their typical landscapes replete with shadings and splashes, and, since my painting is representational, my figures and forms are not idealised but rather they are portraits painted with as much realism as possible, based on photographs that I have collected or that I have taken myself. It is also symbolic and religious art in which I always like to paint the emotion which shapes the subject, lending great interest to formal composition and aesthetic finish and with the thought that my art does not wish to be modern or classic, but, timeless with a destiny reminiscent of the Greek Hellenistic art that I so admire.

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